As a unit we of Hands in Motion serve as dedicated interpreters and advocates for the rights of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community. As we make strides towards broadening the hearing community's horizons and showing that American Sign Language (ASL) is beautiful even in silence, and a crucial means of communication within the Deaf community. We run a multicultural, multilingual company and have interpreted in many American cities, as well as in countries around the globe, including Jamaica, Bermuda, and England, to name a few.

Hands in Motion is an advocate loudly for the inclusion of the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing consumers, and whereever there is an opportunity to advance this cause the organization considers it to be an obligation to create a movement.

Hands in Motion has long been a voice to encourage institutional changes in the community to ensure compliance with ADA law. The organization gives back to the community and works on a weekly basis in churches, local government agencies, community groups, private companies, hospitals, schools, colleges, theater companies, concerts, workshops, etc.

Hands in Motion interprets for presidential campaigns, international conferences, festivals, Broadway plays and musicals, awards ceremonies, television shows and concerts.

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