Congratulations DeAnna Swope!

 By DeAnna Swope

Hi my name is DeAnna Swope, I grew up in a small town named Eatonton.  At the age of 23 months my deafness was recognized.  Growing up, I was viewed as hopeless by doctors, and teachers and their expectations for my success were low due to the fact that I was deaf.

My mother never doubted me, or what I could and would become. She was determined to prove them wrong, she made sure I had the best education. I started to be mainstreamed with hearing peers from the third grade until I graduated from college. Yes, it was challenging for me to balance two worlds but I wouldn’t change my experiences for the world! I’m constantly faced with obstacles from jobs, schools, doctors, and the hearing world in general trying to show that I am equal to them with the exception that I am deaf.

I graduated this year from Ashford with a MPA, and obtained my BA in Social and Criminal Justice my biggest accomplishment to date. Now the challenge begins I’m African American, a woman, and deaf proving myself in the job market today would be extremely frustrating.  So I decided to do something to ease the frustration.

Currently with my recent accomplishment I decided to start my own company “DeAnna’s Outreach Agency” my goal is to promote awareness to the needs in deaf communities. Everyday I am learning more on how to be successful in my personal journey, and soon I will be able to reap my rewards.

My future ambitious is to obtain my PH.D in human service administration, in order to become a better leader in my own company.

My motto is: Achieve Greatness, no matter what challenges we face, we can push through and our rewards will be great.

DeAnna Swope




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