Founded in 2011, Streams of Dreams is a 501(c)(3) organization established to act as a fiscal sponsor, and support the charitable activities of individuals and organizations abroad. Streams of Dreams extends its’ tax-exempt designation by the IRS to include other organizations, which enables donors to make tax-exempt contributions and support meaningful projects. Fiscal sponsorship is a partnership formed between Cynthia’s nonprofit, and projects that connect resources from donors to beneficiaries for a cause. The main reasons an entity/organization seeks a partnership with Streams of Dreams Inc. can be to mentor newly formed charitable organizations that has the need to raise money right away, before the somewhat typical 6 to 9 month application period matures allowing a tax-exempt status by the IRS. Fiscal sponsorship might be chosen also to test-drive or proof an organizations ideals’ merits. Thirdly, some appreciate the partnership and realize their mission can be achieved without obtaining a status with the IRS as an independent tax-exempt entity. Finally, some organizations - including those that are tax-exempt - find that having a vehicle like Streams of Dreams Inc. to outsource administrative responsibilities, whether back-office tasks, or those relating to fundraising and disbursement of funds, is the right business model for them.

Cynthia Whiteside, Founder and CEO
Streams of Dreams

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