By Kristin Grace 

Grace Deaf Services, founded in 2011, is Atlanta, Georgia's premier psychotherapy agency for the Deaf, utilizing only therapists and staff who meet the standard of RID for proof of fluency.  Kristin Grace, a nationally certified interpreter as well as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker is dually certified to deliver expert counseling techniques in FLUENT ASL.  Kristin has an extensive background serving the Deaf community as a counselor and an interpreter for over 17 years. GDS opened its doors in an attempt to fill the gap in mental health services in the state of Georgia.  GDS does not only counsel, but offers an array of services that include but are not limited to:

·       Individual, group and couples counseling

·       Advocacy in systems such as schools, hospitals, Social Security, court, etc.

·       Expert witness in court

·       ASL classes

·       Mentoring students in ITP and Masters level grad school for Interpreting or Therapy

·       Tele-mental health

·       In-patient visits to in-patient psych units, hospitals and hospice

·       Contracts with GVRA

·       Professional Consultation for court cases & IEP’s

·       Liaison to community agencies

·       Private interpreting contracts

Currently, GDS accepts Medicare, Cigna and Aetna; three more carriers are currently pending.  When insurance is not a viable option for some clients, GDS offers a sliding scale fee.  Sliding scale is only offered after Financial Hardship forms are filled out; please inquire within.  GDS utilizes Evidence Based Practice for CBT, Insight Oriented Therapy and Client Centered Therapy and adheres strongly to the NASW Code of Ethics and RID Code of Professional Conduct.

Kristin Grace, owner and operator of GDS, can be seen doing local presentations for GaRID & the NASW-GA and making public statements when high profile court cases ask for professional, clinical consult.

GDS believes in the right for clients to practice self-determination and community empowerment.  The ultimate goal at GDS is for the client to function at maximum capacity while keeping in mind that the mind-body connection cannot be understated.  For more information, please call 404.357.0145,  VP 678.894.4164 or

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